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City of Gold film review

The documentary City of Gold is very much a love letter to the culture, the cuisine and the spirit of Los Angeles. It follows the career and life of the Pulitzer prize winning writer Jonathan Gold. Gold writes about food, but food is just a lens through which he sees the world and perhaps most importantly, the people in it. While the food in this film is tantalizing, it's the stories from the restaurateurs and even street food vendors that are particularly compelling. These are the stories that Jonathan Gold tells.

Every city ought to have a Jonathan Gold. By that I mean someone who has an uncanny sense of finding great food, is a marvelous writer and is truly passionate about his home turf. Gold, the longtime food critic first with the LA Weekly and now with the LA Times, explores, discovers and importantly, does his homework to learn about various cuisines before writing about them. He's also as democratic an eater as ever, happily eating hot dogs and tacos from carts one day…

Artichokes with Creamy Spinach Dip Recipe

As a child I wasn�t crazy about vegetables with one notable exception. I loved artichokes. My mother served them with lemon butter or garlic mayonnaise and upon retrospect I think that was in no small part why I loved them so much. All other vegetables were served plain, but artichokes got the royal treatment, and frankly, what isn�t better with a dip in lemon butter or garlic mayonnaise?

There� s a popular dip with canned or frozen artichoke hearts. spinach and loaded with cheese and mayonnaise. I�ve remade the recipe, creating a creamy dip made with fresh spinach, herbs and Greek yogurt. Dip the artchoke leaves and heart into the dip and you get the flavor of that dip but in a much fresher, lighter and healthier way. 
Artichokes are good hot or cold and are a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin c, vitamin k, folate and manganese and a good source of niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and copper. They do require a little prep work. You need a good pair of kitchen shears to…

Bread Machine Buttermilk Wheat Bread Recipe

Recently I�ve gotten back into baking bread. First I tested a bread recipe using Einkorn flour in anticipation of reviewing an Einkorn cookbook. And when my friend Jerry James Stone asked if I would contribute a recipe to his Three Loaves project, I couldn�t say no. 
Three Loaves is a project where participants make three loaves of bread, one for themselves, another for a friend and a third for someone in need, every month. After signing up, each month you receive a new recipe to try. Since my recipe uses a bread machine, you won�t be baking all three loaves at once, but the concept is the same�bake and share. 
My baking supplies were rather low and I didn�t have any bread flour in the house so I decided to look for a recipe I could make in my mini Zojirushi bread machine (it makes one pound loaves) that used all purpose flour. I found the basic recipe on the King Arthur Flour website for Sandwich Bread for the Mini Zo Bread Machine. The comments on this recipe were very encouraging. Co…

SF Chocolate Salon & Amano Chocolate Giveaway!

This year marks the 10th San Francisco International Chocolate Salon. I�ve been a judge and moderated panels and even spoken a couple of times at this fun event. It offers the opportunity to discover new chocolates, new flavors, new creations and even meet some chocolatiers and chocolate makers. There's also usually some wine and spirits for those over 21. 
At the upcoming SF Chocolate Salon I recommend checking out chocolates from some of my favorite local producers�melt in your mouth truffles from NeoCocoa, pretty bon bons from Jade Chocolates and Socola Chocolatier and scrumptious chocolate covered marzipan from Nuttyness
My other favorites are William Dean Chocolates from Florida and Amano Artisan Chocolate from Utah. Don�t miss either of them! 
The reason I enjoy attending (not to mention judging) the Chocolate Salon is I get to catch up in person with some of the best chocolate makers and chocolatiers I know. Nothing beats finding out what they are up to and trying some of th…